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Small Spaces, Small Gardens

March 31st, 2015
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Small Spaces, Small Gardens - Gardens to Love

The smaller the space the more important each element becomes.  This is true with both interior and exterior spaces, with the difference in the outside being the ceiling height; i.e,  the sky that  is gloriously endless.   At Gardens to Love, we start with the architecture, whether it be a gate, a wall or a pathway.


We improve it if that is needed and then we start the plant selection process.  Each plant plays a critical role in a small space. Small Spaces, Small Gardens - Gardens to Love The color, texture, and shape must be considered carefully because every plant can become a focal point or a major player in the supporting cast.  Small Spaces, Small Gardens - Gardens to Love

Container plantings are a great way to create change and interest in small spaces.  Remember to choose the container with thought to its size and relationship to the overall design scheme.  If it is not the perfect pot with the perfect plant, don’t use it.  Yet, I wouldn’t rule out the occasional item of whimsy.


Marcia Weber