Atlanta garden designs are a magical place in the spring. The weather ranges from cold nights to almost summery days and it gives plants who’ve been dormant for the winter their much needed wake up call. While our pollen season lasts a short month, it certainly coats everything in a soft yellow haze indicative of the growth to come. This the perfect time of year to take a look at your garden design and your landscape style and start to put your wish list together of what you’d like to see in midsummer and the fall.

Atlanta Garden Design: My Favorite Blooms

Everyone has their personal harbinger of spring.  For me, it’s the dogwoods unfurling their ivory petals and my favorite azaleas, G.G. Gerbing, with their delicate blanket of bright white petals.  These first blooms call spring light onto the garden floor.  These early colors remind me that soon pathway edges and open beds will be filled with the vibrant colors of summer.

Atlanta Garden Design: Light

I use height to capture light and draw it into my garden.  In the foreground I planted Stachyurus. Its arching limbs of delicate yellow chains point downward to the bright yellow flowers of Kerria Japonica.  The single-colored mass of azaleas spreads out from around the Stachyurus, inviting me to sit on the stone bench. I designed my garden to be a place for quiet contemplation and relaxation at the end of the day, it’s my own private haven and a garden design just for me and my family.

Atlanta Garden Design: Add a Surprise Teaser

The teaser to summer in this sunny spring garden is the Perle d’Or rose at the base of the Stachyurus. Its light peach flowers promise the heady fragrance of summer’s roses. Later, as the sun turns hotter, the garden of spring light will become a retreat from summer’s sun. Your garden design evolves with the seasons and at Marcia Weber Gardens to Love, we enjoy designing a landscape style that suits your lifestyle and your home’s architecture all year round.

Gardens are a relationship to light, and good garden design showcases the play of shadows with light.  Since most flowers need part to full sun, blooming plants showcase how light moves throughout the garden during the year.  Spring is an enchanting time to begin observing light in your garden or yard.  The drab winter skies are gone, so the contrast between shade, part shade and full sun is easier to see. A well designed garden will invite you into it’s interior and beckon with sunny highlights and dappled respites.

Atlanta Garden Design: Create Your Own Outdoor Retreat

In your own Atlanta landscape take a look at the leaf buds coming out on the trees; it helps you remember how deep a tree’s shade will be come late summer.  Then, think about where you want to bring colored light into your garden or yard. We look forward to serving your landscape architecture and garden design needs and desires.

When you are ready for a fresh landscape design and lush garden layout, give us a call. We can take care of you from the design, plant selection, installation, and even your maintenance.