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Landscape Designers in Atlanta, GA

Since 1989, Gardens to Love has distinguished itself among landscape designers in Atlanta, GA. We offer some of the finest landscape services in the area, including design and installation, lighting, maintenance, gardening and irrigation services. We serve residential and commercial clientele, always seeking to make your property stand out beautifully. Call today to discuss opportunities to bring a fresh new look to your foliage.

Artful Garden Design and Installation

Gardens to Love is a landscape design and installation firm in Atlanta, GA that’s proud to offer property owners a full range of services. We’re intent on our mission to create beauty on the grounds at your home or business. Our meticulous, detailed approach to every project ensures one-of-a-kind results—we specialize in bringing your vision to life, no matter how eclectic, unique or alluring!
We’re the team Atlanta, GA turns to for professional garden design. Using decades of horticultural knowledge and experience, we create unique landscapes that suit the conditions of the space you have to work with. We can include any type of feature you can think of in your design—no project is too complex for us to handle. What matters to us is the finished result, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure it’s breathtaking.

Once you’ve settled on a landscape design that’s perfect for your outdoor space, we take care of every aspect of installation. We install landscapes the right way, taking weather, seasons and timing into account to create long-lasting, sustainable vistas. Even after it’s installed, we’re your landscaping partner. We provide maintenance and fine gardening services, to preserve the beauty of your outdoor space.
From keeping your lawn beautiful to rejuvenating overgrown plants, your landscape will project an inspiring aesthetic all year round. Contact us today to learn more about our services and capabilities, and to reinvent your landscape in a way that’s truly captivating.

We have decades of experience turning client ideas into reality, no matter the details.

We can create any landscape feature, from creeks and bridges to hills and ponds.

Our landscape lighting services beautifully illuminate your property after dark.

We bring decades of horticultural knowledge and experience to every project.

We’ve worked on properties of all sizes, from apartment balconies to country estates.

The Stunning Landscape You’ve Always Wanted 

Gardens to Love specializes in designing, installing and maintaining one-of-a-kind landscapes that add beauty and value to properties throughout the Atlanta, GA area. Contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation.

"It looks great. Marcia did a wonderful job. Good design and good execution."

R. Uttenhove

"The yard looks great, looks so much more refined now!"

A. Adams

"I really want to thank you, personally as well as your entire team. Both the quantity and quality of your work you've done this week is incredible. Add the heat on top of it, and you've made something impossible happen"

G. Bedol

"Thank you Marcia, as a contributor to the beauty of our campus, your generosity allows us to fulfill our mission of providing a mastery level education in a nurturing setting."

The Ben Franklin Academy

"Once again you have exceeded my expectations!"

M. Lewis

"Thank you so much Marcia. It is gratifying to know your excellent business practices, and makes me all the more delighted to do business with you."

B. Lamberth

"I'm so grateful Gardens to Love is in my life."

S. Roche

"We are loving the planting you did for us several months ago. So pretty now that they are green and not a bunch of sticks!"

P. Malone

"I highly recommend her for her creative design and workmanship."

K. Scott

"First of all, thank you for all of the great designs for our front yard and our courtyard. They look fantastic! And your crew is really exceptional. They're all very customer focused, which I greatly appreciate."

C. Zerden

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