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fine gardening

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"It looks great. Marcia did a wonderful job. Good design and good execution."

R. Uttenhove

"The yard looks great, looks so much more refined now!"

A. Adams

"I really want to thank you, personally as well as your entire team. Both the quantity and quality of your work you've done this week is incredible. Add the heat on top of it, and you've made something impossible happen"

G. Bedol

"Thank you Marcia, as a contributor to the beauty of our campus, your generosity allows us to fulfill our mission of providing a mastery level education in a nurturing setting."

The Ben Franklin Academy

"Once again you have exceeded my expectations!"

M. Lewis

"Thank you so much Marcia. It is gratifying to know your excellent business practices, and makes me all the more delighted to do business with you."

B. Lamberth

"I'm so grateful Gardens to Love is in my life."

S. Roche

"We are loving the planting you did for us several months ago. So pretty now that they are green and not a bunch of sticks!"

P. Malone

"I highly recommend her for her creative design and workmanship."

K. Scott

"First of all, thank you for all of the great designs for our front yard and our courtyard. They look fantastic! And your crew is really exceptional. They're all very customer focused, which I greatly appreciate."

C. Zerden

A Place for the Children to Play
and the Adults to Relax

Time for a facelift

evolution of a small patio