January is the perfect time for fresh garden ideas to plan the next phase of your landscape. Take a peek at Pinterest and get inspired by creative concepts, or let your fingers stroll to Instagram and view the tapestry of gardens and landscapes featured there.

Whatever you can imagine, we at Marcia Weber Gardens to Love, can design, install and maintain for you. Whether you want to add to the landscape you love, make elegant changes in the garden you have, or you are starting from scratch, we’ve got you covered.

In fact, here are 10 of our favorite fresh garden ideas to keep your landscape looking good…

#1 Reflect your landscape with a water feature.

You can go big with a full waterfall over rocks, a pond or even a creek, or small with a subtle recirculator of water through a quiet sculpture.

#2 Complement your garden with stone or ceramic vessels accenting nooks and corners. Fresh Garden Ideas, Atlanta Landscape Design, Atlanta Garden Design, Atlanta Outdoor Lighting, Atlanta Lawn Maintenance

Containers come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes and are a wonderful portable element that is easy to change seasonally and move about your landscape as your mood strikes.

#3 Enjoy your landscape with a place to sit and experience the fresh garden ideas surrounding you.

Just creating places to pause in the garden and take in the beauty and wonder of your garden can be truly priceless. Whether it’s a bench just for two tucked beneath a shade tree or two stone seats hiding behind a mass of hydrangeas just out of sight, secret places in your garden are ideal for a cozy conversation.

#4 Include classic architectural fragments or features as outdoor sculpture and focal points.Fresh Garden Ideas, Atlanta Landscape Design, Atlanta Garden Design, Atlanta Lawn Maintenance, Atlanta Outdoor Lighting

While nature offers her own architecture, it can add an extra touch of elegance and personality to include elements like an antique sundial, estate statuary salvaged from the wrecking ball, and column fragments to define your landscape.

#5 Improve your landscape with a pathway to guide and direct a garden stroll.

Whether your style is straight and geometric or curved and creative, pathways deliver flow and purpose to a landscape. They can protect the lawn from being trampled, or be a meandering moment of meditation.

#6 Expand your garden with additional trees, shrubs, and flowers.Fresh Garden Ideas, Atlanta Garden Design, Atlanta Landscape Design, Atlanta Outdoor Lighting, Atlanta Lawn Maintenance

Having a master plan for your garden that you implement over time will give you something new to look forward to each year with fresh garden ideas.

#7 Add an outdoor entertaining area for dining under the stars or weekend family fun, more fresh garden ideas.

Outdoor entertaining is becoming standard on homes in the South. Home owners have come to expect a generous patio for dining, cooking out, and simply living outside.

#8 Request a delicious fresh vegetable and herb garden, just enough to fill your table.Fresh Garden Ideas, Atlanta Landscape Design, Atlanta Garden Design, Atlanta Outdoor Lighting, Atlanta Lawn Maintenance

You don’t need a lot of space for the basics of a vegetable garden. Get enough for summer salads and fall soups and enjoy the fresh taste of produce from the garden.

#9 Imagine a new pool for cooling off in the summer heat.

A pool is an a oasis of cool in our southern summer heat, it’s also a fantastic way to keep the kids at home with their friends and it’s a built in entertainment space.

#10 Install outdoor lighting to showcase your lovely landscaping.

The beauty of landscaping doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Installing landscape lighting that spotlights and complements specific trees, beds, and creates rich shadow play brings the outdoors to life after dark.

10 fresh garden ideas to get you thinking about the next phase of your landscape or garden design, which one is your favorite?

We’d love to hear from you.