This is the perfect time of year to be focused on ways to add garden WOW factor. And this close to Valentine’s Day, do it with love! Whether you have an intimate patio garden or courtyard to design, or acres of lush rolling hills to landscape, when you add garden WOW factor, it becomes a special place to enjoy time.

And, as always, the team here at Marcia Weber Gardens to Love is delighted to provide dream garden and landscape designs, ideal installations, and stress free maintenance for all of your outdoor living needs.

Here are my “5 Ways to Add Garden WOW Factor with Love.”

#1 Focus on the part that is most important to you and your family. Don’t let a big area overwhelm you.

When you complete gardening goals in smaller stages you’ll keep up your momentum and avoid overwhelm. Divide your landscape into several parcels and tackle each one with a plan that excites you and delivers a result you are proud of.

#2 Have at least 5 plants that you really love. There is no need to be passionate about every plant, but you must have at least a handful of plants that give you joy when you see them.

Looking out into your garden and seeing perennial favorites and annual beauties will light you up and be a priceless reminder that your effort was worth it. While some plants may be more filler than favorite, they help your hits stand out and take center stage.

#3 Always have a few beautiful containers well planted. Add Garden WOW Factor.

Containers are really like having a series of miniature portable gardens. You can move them around (use a dolly or trolley with castors) and flank an entrance, draw attention to a seating area, or simply create an opportunity for texture and color spilling over.

#4 Keep the garden well maintained. You’ll feel better when it is tidy and well pruned.

A well tended garden lends a sense of beauty and organization to your landscape. Garden maintenance can be time consuming, so feel free to contact us here at Marcia Weber Gardens to Love; we love to take the hassle out of your lawn and landscape maintenance.

#5 Put out comfortable seating in various areas of the garden. You’ll find more to enjoy when you are sitting comfortably. Add Garden WOW Factor.

When you add garden WOW factor, you are creating an inviting and irresistible outdoor living space, a place you can entertain friends, relax and play with family, and an escape from the daily grind.

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