A note from Marcia:

I love having some of the outdoors indoors, and having a fistful of flowers or a branch or two in a vase is a great way to bring the garden inside in a small and delightful way. The flowers can be what  some might consider ordinary, such as pansies in winter, hellebores in early spring, or ubiquitous hydrangeas in summer and fall.  When I look out my window, I see so many possibilities for cutting.

I like to cut something different and unusual from my garden.  When the sweetly scented native azaleas are blooming, I cut a big branch or a fistful of flowers for a small vase.  All it takes is a branch or two in a tall clear vase to make a statement and to fill the room with a delightful scent.

India Hicks, the style maven who recently spoke at SCAD and showed pictures of her Harbor Island house, likes to use a single tropical leaf in a vase.  Here in urban Atlanta, a Kousa Dogwood branch in spring or a colorful coleus would look very smart.

Tips to keep your flowers fresh:

  1. Use a floral preservative such as those the florist uses.  Grocery stores sell it in the flower section of the store.
  2. Keep daffodils in a separate vase.  The sap will wilt other flowers.
  3. Cut your flowers in the morning before the sun warms the day.
  4. In the house, place the vase out of direct sunlight.
  5. Always use sparkling clean containers.