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August is Awesome

August 11th, 2014
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August is Awesome - Gardens to Love
Here at the Gardens to Love offices we do our best to put a positive spin on the month of August. We try to avoid phrases such as, “vile weather,” “hateful air today,” or “disgustingly hot.” I do my best to deflect those questions about whether or not the A/C is turned down to 76 degrees. (It is not!) After all, where will that talk take us?

Instead, we focus on all the good garden upkeep and installations the team accomplishes in spite of the heat, humidity and air pollution. There will be a cool pops treat in the downstairs café at the end of the day.

Looking back on the month, August begins to feel awfully good…The Zeon Zoysia sod installed at Mr. Smith’s looks fabulous in August, especially after the haircuts from the reel mowers. I love zoysia’s soft touch on a hot summer day. And when well mown, it really feels like a thick green carpet. The pruning and the seasonal cleanup done for Mr. George makes him so happy after returning from summer vacation out of town. Mrs. Scott is thrilled to see changes in her back patio, because she is planning a big event in the fall.

Gardening in August brings flowering joys such as refreshingly pure white cleome, Royal Standard hostas, Clematis autumnalis; bright notes in the shade from Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ and Encore azaleas; lingering phlox and crepe myrtle flowers in pink and white; zinnias are stars in the cutting gardens.

Late afternoon showers followed by a cool evening still and cooler dawns in early mornings combine to make August downright inspirational.

Marcia Weber
Gardens to Love