This time of year we don’t look for color in the garden, yet it is there. Of course, there is the backdrop color of green from the evergreen boxwoods, laurels, and hollies. Maybe, there is a small bed or containers of pansies soon to flush out. If you have Miscanthus grass, and look closely you can see red striping in the lower leaves. There is one group of plants that do not need a close look, trees. There is endless variation in the color of tree bark.

My favorite is the smooth, cool grey of Beech trees. Oaks, young and old, have wide ranges of taupe. Pine trees are showing bright copper bark this time of year. One reason we plant crepe myrtles is because of the interesting blond to russet bark tones.

The Natchez and Indica varieties get very interesting when the bark begins to peel as the trunks swell in spring. Then, there are the numerous Japanese maples that have delightful gold and red bark in winter, especially Acer palmatum Sango Kaku, the Coral Bark maple.

We would be delighted to talk with you more about adding trees of all shapes and colors to your landscape, to add more color to your life.