As the weather cools and the trees drop their leaves, the hydrangea blooms once a glorious indigo or sweet pink, now a dusty hue, it’s time to implement key garden and landscape fall maintenance tips. This is the time of year when you want to prepare your landscape for the upcoming winter hibernation while still enjoying the fall colors.

When it comes to landscape fall maintenance, you can do it yourself or allow the team at Gardens to Love to take care of it for you. We love to take care of your garden and landscape so you can enjoy it more, just let us know.


Marcia’s Top 10 Landscape Fall Maintenance Tips

1) Leave the leaves. Leaves are food for the soil and plants. Let them stay on the grass and in the borders until cold weather really sets in.

2) It’s okay to blow the driveway and walkways. We want those areas to stay safe for you and your guests. If you’d like to schedule a clean-up, just give us a call.

3) It is getting dark earlier, make certain your night lighting is in working order. Call us if you need repairs or a reset to your timer with the change in daylight savings time.

4) Check your handrails. Are they sturdy? Often mortar ages and the pickets get loose in the mortar socket. We can fix this for you, just get in touch.

5) Enjoy the fall color in the foliage on the ground as well as on the trees. Don’t have everything all cut down at one time. And when you are ready to have things cut and trimmed, call us to handle your landscape fall maintenance.

6) Plant lots of pansies, they are a bright note all winter long. We love to take care of planting seasonal color, let’s talk and find out what you’d like to have to brighten your garden.

7) Always invite lots of friends and family into the garden. You’ll enjoy it more when you share it.

8) Eat those pumpkins and squashes you used to decorate the front door. Some are surprisingly good and all are easy to cook.

9) If you don’t like pumpkins, you’ll love the seeds, roasted and salted.

10) As your garden goes into hibernation for the winter, it’s the perfect time for us to discuss what you’d like next spring to bring, get in touch.

When you take the time to prepare your garden and landscape for the winter, you can be sure that spring will bring beautiful green buds and colorful blooms.

Your garden should look good in every season, it’s the front door to your home. We look forward to working with you at your convenience.