Lawn Maintenance: How to Love Your Lawn

 Lawn maintenance is a hot topic this time year. This is when Atlanta lawns are looking lush, vibrant green, and very inviting. While riding through our Buckhead Atlanta neighborhoods, I am reminded of author Tom Wolfe’s expression in Man in Full about our lawns,...

Atlanta Landscape Design: The Beauty of Brutalism

 Atlanta landscape design today is seeing a revival in Brutalism. Originally intended to express clarity and purpose in the chaos of prewar Europe, quite appropriately, today it is evident in bold, simple modernism with an edge.  Brutalism is the collective...

Atlanta Garden Maintenance: 3 Tips for a Garden Graduation Party

May is the advent of  outdoor living season and that means Atlanta garden maintenance and quick planting tips for easy entertaining. It's also the season to celebrate graduations with a garden party.  To make the most of your landscape style and capitalize...

Moss Lawns: How Can I Get One?

I’ve always thought of moss lawns and nooks as magic, a place where fairies live, because those places seem to appear magically in early spring and disappear in summer. Perhaps it is more like a Houdini trick. Moss is technically a Bryophyte or non-vascular plant that...

Travel Itinerary: Rome Italy

Rome, Italy is known as the eternal city.  I learned that first hand during my October trip with the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art. The trip was coordinated by the indomitable Pamela Huntington Darling, aka Pamela, darling.  She likes to make...

As Summer Fades, A Garden Brightens

As Summer Fades, A Garden Brightens – Gardens to Love: Summer is fading, yet there are flowers and plants that get brighter this time of year.

The Fall and Winter Vegetable Garden

The days are quickly becoming shorter and nights are slowly becoming cooler. The chickweed, Stellaria media, will soon be sprouting in any moist and fertile soil. These are the signals to begin planting the fall through winter growing vegetables. Now is the time to...

Cool Plants For Hot Days

  Is a 95, 96 or 98 degree day too hot for you?  Cool off in the shade of a crepe myrtle. Crepe myrtles love the heat and humidity and they offer an added bonus of the scent of high summer.  It is a scent that is hard to describe and hard to...

In Anando’s Garden

Anado’s gardens are organic and organically expanding from the house to the studios with a side step to the pen of rescued donkeys. The spirit of the place is organic as well. You don’t have to be an outsider artist to create art in your life, however; you do have to go outside.



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