This is an exciting time of the year in the garden. So many plants are coming into bloom, bulb flowers are literally bursting from the ground on warm days, and every plant has sap running through its veins. I’m practically giddy after a late afternoon tour of my own garden. I love a mix of flowering shrubs for spring color and interest. There are dwarf flowering almond, spireas of all varieties, early Viburnums and late Camellias all in bloom now. If you’re a lucky gardener, you have the divine Daphne odora filling the evening air with an intoxicating scent. In Atlanta we used to celebrate big sweeps of mixed azaleas, but those have somehow gone out of fashion in favor of the modern Encore varieties. Perhaps now fewer gardens have room for those large sweeps of anything.

Here at Gardens to Love, we are always looking for new plants to enhance the older plantings. Spring is a great time to assess what is wonderful and what just won’t do anymore. And to make a list of all the flowering bulbs that you should have planted in the late fall, but forgot to do so. It’s also time to assess the mulch in your beds. A proper layer will prevent spring winds from drying the ground and prevent the emergence of pesky weeds. Contact our talented team at Gardens to Love and we will help you design next years garden glory as well as maintain it for this year.