There are times when we do much more than garden maintenance. Most of you know, we take care of your outdoor lighting, make new landscape installations, and much more.  One example of our going above and beyond comes from Hugh, our senior horticulturist. Hugh is pictured here holding Otter, the beloved Border Terrier belonging to our client Leslie Neeley. Hugh’s special act was to take note of the depth of Leslie’s water feature pond, upon realizing little Otter was too short to make his way out of the pond if the cute and curious dog were to fall into the water. Without prompting from anyone, Hugh found a crate and placed it upside down in the water in a corner as a step up and out if Otter were to ever need it. 

For this very thoughtful act, Hugh wins the Gardens to Love Golden Heart Award!


May is the month for Magnolias to bloom and for garden lovers to swoon over the sweet scent that can fill the evening air. Everyone knows the evergreen and glossy leaved Magnolia grandiflora. A lesser-known, but equally grand plant is the deciduous Magnolia acuminata or the Cucumber magnolia.

This plant is very striking and very easy to grow if you have room for a tree. Our friends at Ben Franklin Academy like looking down on the tree from the second-story classrooms. What a bonus for a day at school! Roses are also at their finest in May with the first big flush of blooms. I’m a real fan of the roses that ask only for the occasional pruning and feeding. My 25-year-old Graham Thomas rose is one of those. If you are thinking of a bit of front porch landscape refreshing, think of adding roses. You’ll love opening the door to the scent and sight of roses in May.