Welcome to Gardens to Love, 2015

In past blogs, I have written more about plantings and plants and less about product.  This month, I’d like to spend some time introducing you to a product that I like very much.  It’s pavers, yes, pavers.

We mention concrete pavers as a paving or flooring option to a client and the response will usually be “I don’t know anything about them”.   Well, I had seen them used endlessly in sunny Florida, but I had never really had personal experience with them until my driveway had to be cut apart and repaired due to a sewer problem.  The problem and the repairs were all very unpleasant, but the brick colored Belgard ‘Georgia Blend’ concrete composite pavers laid on a compacted sand base remain a joy to behold.  The brick colored band in the asphalt was designed by me to create the feel of a landing space at the back door and totally disguises the patch that had to be made.   I especially like the way rain water seeps thru the cracks during a rain and, knowing the beech tree and fig trees lining the drive are getting a slow deep drink.

Lately, the smart designers at Gardens to Love are recommending Peacock Pavers, www.PeacockPavers.com  (made almost locally in Atmore, Alabama) for patios, terraces, and walkways.  This is another concrete composite product with an added sprinkling of salt to the top surface that creates small pock marks making  the slabs look aged.  The surface can be sealed or left open.  A recent client used the largest size laid on a diagonal in a bed of small gravel to a rather striking effect.  Concrete pavers, whodathunk?  The key  has to do with using raw materials and techniques of a commodity  in unique and artisan inspired ways.

I hope you will be inspired by the many new things we will be doing in 2015.  Check out our twice weekly Facebook, Houzz, and Pinterest updates.  We will soon be sharing our images on Instagram,also.  So much to see and do!

Marcia Weber

Gardens to Love