Whether I’m returning home at the end of the work day or a trip abroad, I love to be welcomed back by the scent of fallen leaves in Autumn.  There is a distinct sweet mustiness that wafts up from the copper colored beech tree leaves in my driveway.   Fallen pecan leaves smell more acrid, and oak leaves mixed with acorns have a scent that can only be described as oakiness.   And honey is the scent of Tulip Poplar leaves on the ground.

It seems as if new developments in Atlanta are shunning trees with leaves in favor of evergreens such as cypress and arborvitae.  While these imported species may have value, they will never welcome the residents home to the sweet scent of fall leaves.

I’d love to hear how you describe the scent of your trees.  Drop me a note and let’s savor the scent of Fall.